Argo script reading review 

ARGO – Hollywood Saves The Day

ARGO may have missed a few opportunities with its source material, and a bit of the action may be fictional, but the film does a dang good job of telling a little-known story that America needs to be reminded of. While the Iranian public is the terrifying antagonist for the majority of the film, a prologue ensures that the audience knows from the get-go that they have good reason to be. The movie is about American individuals trying to clean up the trash of what America as a whole did…

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Seven+Psychopaths+around+a+campfire+in+the+desert review 


SEVEN PSYCHOPATHS joins the club (with Charlie Kaufman’s ADAPTATION) of excellent films which are essentially about the making of themselves. Since the trailer doesn’t make it terribly clear, the film is about a screenplay writer (Colin Farrell) trying to make sense of the nature of violence in films today, with a psychopathic angel and demon (Christopher Walken and Sam Rockwell respectively) each trying to influence how the film should progress. The actors are all expertly used, and the film is hilarious, thoughtful, and appropriately disturbing. It’s also edited together fantastically…

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Frankenweenie's+cute+claymation+in+signature+Burton+style review 

FRANKENWEENIE – Dead on Arrival

FRANKENWEENIE starts off strong, and then dies halfway through the picture, never to be resurrected. Once again, Tim Burton proves he is all style. No substance. Which is really too bad, because the man certainly has style. What’s most upsetting is that the movie seemed primed to be deliver a meaningful message about the inevitability of death and the importance of letting go. Then suddenly it decides to forget all that, flash a bunch of unrelated nonsense in the audience’s face, and then end on the exact opposite conclusion… which…

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Lawrence+and+Sherif+Ali+marvel+at+the+majesty+of+the+desert review 

LAWRENCE OF ARABIA – A Revitalized Masterpiece

Saw the digital restoration of LAWRENCE OF ARABIA in the theater today. Besides appearing as if it were filmed yesterday, the film made a much bigger impact on me than it did when I saw it at age 20. I think as an adult, I much more fully appreciate the concept of how one man’s passion can both change everything and change nothing at the same time. Share List

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Looper we could sit here making diagrams with straws all day review 

LOOPER – Time Travel as a Fantastic Self Betterment Plan

In a year of epic and exciting movies, LOOPER stands out as one of, if not the best, time travel films ever concocted. This isn’t because its world blows your mind with twists and turns or its disturbingly realistic vision of the future. It doesn’t. In some ways it’s very predictable, and it means to be. That’s because the film isn’t really about time travel, it’s about the difference between selfishness and love. It’s about how love can make you selfish. It’s about what true selflessness really is, and how…

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