Keira+Knightley+is+appropriately+sullen review 

ANNA KARENINA – A Bummer of a Period Piece

ANNA KARENINA is full of fantastic dialogue and performances, and the production design is sure to make lovers of period pieces swoon. The movie also has as much right to be classified as a “drama” than probably anything I’ve ever witnessed. With the exception of some awkward transitions, the script is masterfully written. However, I do take issue with the empty feeling I had by the story’s fatalistic conclusion. The film was overdirected by Joe Wright. It’s an unusual problem to have, but the camera angles and especially transitions are…

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Spider-Man+Turn+Off+the+Dark+-+Weird,+wild+acrobatics review 


SPIDER MAN: TURN OFF THE DARK is about as amusing and as awkward as this image and the play’s name suggest. Bono’s songs range from passably forgettable to godawful. The sets and imagery are striking, but they try so hard to be “comic-booky” that they often overdo it in all the wrong ways (similar to Ang-Lee’s HULK). It may have been partially affected by the performances, but the script felt to me like a watered down Kool Aid version of everything I love about the character. Only J Jonah and…

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Daniel Craig as James Bond in Skyfall review 

SKYFALL – Bond’s Back, and in Fine Form

SKYFALL’s triumphs and its failings both lie in its desire to act as a celebratory checklist for Bond’s 50th Anniversary. The film takes Daniel Craig’s rebooted Bond to the next level in exploring what makes him tick. The exploration of his relationship with boss, Judi Dench’s fantastic “M” was particularly done well. But as far as the film goes to explore what kind of past could create a chauvinistic killing machine, it also steps on its toes by falling back, every so often, into the camp and violence glorification that…

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Ralph+gives+Vanellope+some+pre-race+advice review 

WRECK-IT-RALPH – The Closest We’re Gonna Come to a MARIO KART Movie

WRECK-IT RALPH is a great little movie. Its ending is as obviously ham-handed as its protagonist, but that’s standard Disney fare. The good news is that the remainder of the film is an amusing and enjoyable homage to video games. The animation pops and the actors give a lot of personality to their 8-bit counterparts. It looks like Disney’s got a hit on its hands and I’m looking forward to not only the inevitable sequel but also seeing Ralph at Disneyland for years to come. Share List

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