Django Unchained review 


You probably already know if you’re going to like DJANGO UNCHAINED. If you can stomach, and in fact relish in Quentin Tarantino’s propensity for over-the-top bloodbaths, you are going to find even more reason to relish it here than ever before. These targets get what they have coming to them, and unlike the INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS, Django and Dr. Schultz are heroes I didn’t feel icky about rooting for. Speaking of which: Jamie Foxx, and especially Christoph Waltz, turned in phenomenal performances. Waltz’s character is hysterical and Foxx has set a…

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Daniel+Day-Lewis+as+Abraham+Lincoln review 

LINCOLN – What it Takes to Become a Great Man

I could nitpick Spielberg’s LINCOLN for maybe two scenes in the film that I thought were a tad on the clunky side. Besides that, I can find absolutely nothing to criticize it for. The acting is phenomenal. The dialogue, though difficult to decipher at times is magnificently written. The production value, cinematography and direction were all absolute top notch, and the story is something that every American needs to understand. The film is kind of like the true historical biopic version of THE DARK KNIGHT, where slavery is the Joker…

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Thorin+Oakenshield+taking+over+the+whole+damn+movie review 


Pictured: the chief protagonist from THE HOBBIT: AN UNEXPECTED JOURNEY. Bilbo is featured, of course. He’s even introduced as the film’s narrator, but I was shocked by how little the story was told from his perspective. Rather the filmmakers opt for Gandalf or Thorin, the characters already versed in adventuring. This, unfortunately, strips the story of most of the book’s humor and sense of wonder (something far more present in the LOTR trilogy). Many bits of the book are re-written to completely change the nature of the adventure into something…

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Tiger+roars+in+the+boat+in+Life+of+Pi review 

LIFE OF PI – Visual Splendor and The Nature of Truth Understanding

LIFE OF PI will definitely be in the running for the best picture Oscar. It’s not a perfect film, but its theme is significant enough that I think everyone needs to see it. It discusses the nature and significance of religion, and more broadly faith, and even more broadly the effect that stories have on our perception of our lives. The story doesn’t offer up concrete answers, but it asks all the right questions. The CG creatures aren’t always flawlessly realistic, but they don’t need to be. They have all…

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