Ender+and+Colonel+Graff+checking+out+the+game+room review 

ENDER’S GAME – Ender May Have to Settle for a Participation Award

ENDER’S GAME, I am happy to say, isn’t as mediocre as its schmaltzy, action packed trailers have suggested. In fact, it’s a pretty solid film, though it suffers the pacing issues of many novels-to-film. At its heart, it’s a meaningful story of a boy trying to to live up to his potential, but the film has less time than I’d like to explore what’s going on in Ender’s head. The best thing I can say for the film is they made some inspired choices in the actors they picked, most…

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Thor and Loki on The Dark World review 

THOR: THE DARK WORLD – Return of Meow-Meow

I can’t imagine anybody being disappointed with THOR: THE DARK WORLD… That is, unless they were expecting something other than the continuing narrative of Marvel’s version of the God of Thunder. I think the thing that impressed me most about the film, (other than the fact that it handily passed the Bechdel test), was that it didn’t strain to prove itself worthy. As a long time fan, it’s nice to see Marvel studios growing more confident in themselves. With each film they seem to further perfect the art of making…

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