INDEPENDENCE DAY: RESURGENCE – “Get ready for a close encounter, bitch!”

Independence Day: Resurgence bears the distinction of being one of the dumbest films I’ve seen that still technically does everything right. There was never any need for a sequel to the eminently 90’s ID4, yet here we are with a film that somehow manages to be even bigger and more explody than dozens of city-wide spaceships annihilating all of the world’s major cities.

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The Avengers Imax Art 101 

THE MIGHTY MARVEL CHRONOLOGY – A Beginner’s Guide to the Cinematic Universe (Part 2)

Last week we began with PART 1 of our Beginner’s Guide the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) and its related properties. Marvel Studios’ films have a (nearly) flawless continuity. Their brethren? Not so much. But since the X-Men, pre-MCU Spider-Man, and more are vital members of the Marvel family, they are included in this timeline in a slightly less official capacity. My job, as your guide, will be to detail the nature of entries that might make a little less chronological sense, and let you know which Marvel films are worth watching, why… and, most importantly, in what order to make the most of this sprawling narrative.

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Finding Dory in a Cup review 

FINDING DORY – “Just keep swimming…”

I wasn’t a huge fan of Finding Nemo. The film was enormously successful for Pixar and one of its biggest crowd pleasers. I thought it was cute, but that the plot structure was really meandering, and that its message was weak compared to a lot of Pixar’s best. Worst of all, I didn’t connect to the protagonist Marlin (Albert Brooks). In fact, I actively dislike him. I don’t see Marlin as having any positive character traits. He’s a neurotic, snippy worrywart. Sure, he loves his son. He’s not a monster. But honestly, Nemo’s blank slate innocence and growing up story was a far more compelling part of the story to me.

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The Avengers Movie Banner 101 

THE MIGHTY MARVEL CHRONOLOGY – A Beginner’s Guide to the Cinematic Universe (Part 1)

Once upon a time, superhero fans were lucky to get a movie or two per decade featuring characters in colorful costumes fighting crime. Even then, most of them were poorly executed – not only as a film, but as representations of everything that their source material stood for. That has changed dramatically, and while we still have the occasional dud, the mythos of superheroes has exploded in a big way – particularly in the pantheon of Marvel Comics heroes.

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The Critic It Stinks 101 

WHY WE HAVE CRITICS – In Defense of the Film Review

There is a lot of casual dismissal of film criticism, usually by viewers who disagree with a number they see on Rotten Tomatoes. But like I mentioned in my previous 101, that’s not really how Rotten Tomatoes works. Finding a voice that speaks to a user’s individual sensibilities is just a couple of clicks away, but using a critic to accurately predict which films you’ll naturally like (saving you $15 bucks and a disappointing couple hours) is only half of the usefulness of their profession.

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Lothar Diving into Combat in Warcraft review 

WARCRAFT – As “Not Terrible” as Game Adaptations Come

Movies based on video games are never “good”. Often they’ve been “godawful” (Super Mario Bros.), with a few falling into the so-bad-they’re-good category (DOA: Dead or Alive). The best they ever get is “okay” (Resident Evil), with the vast majority falling into the “bland” (Prince of Persia) or “gimmicky” (Final Fantasy) categories. So it may surprise you when I say that I really enjoyed Warcraft, While it certainly has no shortage of “bland” elements, and stumbles over a lot of chances it had to excel, I think it’s about as close as I’ve seen to a video game adaptation being “good” without actually earning that qualifier. It certainly has enough standout qualities for me to call it “above average”. As The Powerwaifu so aptly put it, “I wouldn’t kick it out of bed.” 

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Michael Keaton cropped editorial 


A lot of you may be wondering how mild mannered blogger, The Powerwolf, managed to land a gig writing part-time for a mighty internet powerhouse like Screen Rant. Well the answer is Hard Work. Hard Work, and having lots of opinions and then writing about them, and then creating a news article sample in the style of a Screen Rant article whilst slowly descending into a dream-like chaos that I may never return from.

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Popstar - Andy Samberg is Humble review 


I can’t imagine a better Lonely Island movie than Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping. Everything that works about the musical comedy trio of Andy Samberg, Akiva Schaffer, and Jorma Taccone is operating on overdrive here, from the obvious chemistry that the trio have as long time friends to the satire of the self-important pop culture attitude. If you’ve heard “I’m On a Boat,” you’ll know exactly the kind of hilariously narcissistic nonsense that Popstar has in store.

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