ANNA KARENINA – A Bummer of a Period Piece

ANNA KARENINA is full of fantastic dialogue and performances, and the production design is sure to make lovers of period pieces swoon. The movie also has as much right to be classified as a “drama” than probably anything I’ve ever witnessed. With the exception of some awkward transitions, the script is masterfully written. However, I do take issue with the empty feeling I had by the story’s fatalistic conclusion.

The film was overdirected by Joe Wright. It’s an unusual problem to have, but the camera angles and especially transitions are often a bit too clever for their own good, sometimes distracting from the story unfolding. (Less is more, Mr. Wright.)

The best thing I could say for the film is that it felt like a classic period piece, played out on a screen. If that sounds like your bag, ANNA KARENINA is the way to go.

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Anna Karenina
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