ANT-MAN – A Little Adventure With Big Heart

Fear not, Marvel aficionados. Ant-Man is just as fun, and awesome, and weird, as you have hoped! Is it as perfect a blend of high-adventure and comedy as Edgar Wright would have done? … No. Not quite. But Peyton Reed does an admirable job with the material, working with a hero who’s both hilarious, and hilariously awesome. The movie starts out a tad uneven, with some flat jokes and awkward interactions, but finds its footing by the second act, and soars once the action picks up.

Marvel once again scores big with its smart casting. Paul Rudd tones down his wacky just enough to come across as a lovable and intelligent every-man. Michael Douglas destroys every scene with, likely, a Gravitas-Emitting Energy Cannon of his alter ego’s design. Evangeline Lily manages to be likably unlikable, and her last line in the film sums up my feelings on the use of her character. Michael Peña… is Paul Rudd’s comic relief. And it works.. … Yeah. Let that sink in. All of them work great, and I can’t wait to see all of them interact with the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The special effects are fantastic. They de-age Michael Douglas 30 years for one scene, and it’s not creepy AT ALL!!! Oh yeah. And the ants are both super cute and absolutely terrifying. And Paul Rudd gets small and somehow it makes him an Avengers-level badass.

Go see Ant-Man. It’s better than it has any right to be. But then again, those are the only kinds of movies Marvel makes any more.

3D Recommendation: Y’know faces? Yeah… the people who made the 3D for this movie have clearly never seen one before. It’s too bad, because the CG action stuff looks great in the format.

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