Michael Keaton cropped editorial 


A lot of you may be wondering how mild mannered blogger, The Powerwolf, managed to land a gig writing part-time for a mighty internet powerhouse like Screen Rant. Well the answer is Hard Work. Hard Work, and having lots of opinions and then writing about them, and then creating a news article sample in the style of a Screen Rant article whilst slowly descending into a dream-like chaos that I may never return from.

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FOOLED AROUND AND FELL IN LOVE – The Surprising Subtext of the Soundtrack to GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY

James Gunn set a new trend in film a year before Guardians of the Galaxy even released into theaters, and it all started with the AWESOME MIX VOL. 1. When the film’s teaser trailer released, thousands of digital purchases for the song “Hooked on a Feeling” immediately followed. The obscure but fun oldie contrasted and complemented the sci-fi visuals so succinctly that audiences immediately were on board with a movie starring a talking tree and machine-gun-wielding raccoon. Seemingly overnight, popular action movies like Suicide Squad and Star Trek Beyond also had classic pop songs in their trailers. As James Gunn put it, “Ugh. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh.”

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Braveheart Battle Spears editorial 

“I DON’T WANT TO LOSE HEART. I WANT TO BELIEVE.” – BRAVEHEART and the Importance of Fictional History

[Spoilers for Braveheart follow.]

Braveheart is one of the most frowned upon Oscar Best Pictures winners in recent history. Comparing its rotten Tomato Score (which is how we do things now) to all of it’s Oscar winning kin from the 90’s onward, only 4 films sink lower in critical opinion than its 78% “above average” score. [These are Forrest Gump (1994) 72%Gladiator (2000) 76%A Beautiful Mind (2001) 75%, and Crash (2005) at 75%,)] This puts Braveheart in the 20th percentile of its class.

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Star Wars A New Hope Award Ceremony editorial 

THE ALT-SELF THEORY: My 25 Favorite Films, and how to determine yours

What’s your favorite movie?

It’s a question I eventually ask everybody I meet. It’s often a better way to get to know them than “What was your major?” because it opens up broader discussions about their tastes and values. It informs me of things we might have in common that would have been difficult to otherwise unearth. If I’m lucky, I might even find out about an awesome movie that I haven’t seen yet.

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