angry+birds+movie+still mailbag 


Hey Powerwolf Pack!

The Mailbag is back. We’ll be appearing on Wednesdays moving forward. It messes up the alliteration of Monday Mailbag, but this will allow me to get my weekend reviews out earlier, and allow more time to write well thought out responses to all your pressing questions. Keep sending them, otherwise I’ll just have to do two Editorials a week instead. (BORING!)

Today’s mailbag delves into the gamification of the entertainment industry and ends with us counting the stars!

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Rose Quartz show vs fan art mailbag 


Hey howdy hey Powerwolf Pack! Welcome back for another exciting edition of the Mailbag, where we discuss all your most pressing thoughts and questions about the world of entertainment, and how it affects us. Today on the mailbag, we discuss progressive outrage and entitlement in the nerd community and the ever changing nature of genre.

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Leonardo Dicaprio in The Revenant mailbag 


Thank God Leo got his Oscar! I’m pretty sure if he hadn’t, his next attempt would have killed him. That poor desperate man.

Welcome back to The Powerwolf’s Monday Mailbag, where we discuss all your most pressing thoughts about the film industry. This week we discuss why groundbreaking films constantly get robbed in the Oscars, whether or not Studio Ghibli has a future, and why they don’t make cartoons like they used to.

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