DAREDEVIL (SEASON 1) – The Marvel Cinematic Universe Grows Up

DAREDEVIL pulls no punches, and with the freedom to ignore MPAA ratings and cable network restrictions he doesn’t need to. Marvel and Netflix’s binge-tastic 13 hour introduction to Matt Murdock’s battle for Hell’s Kitchen is everything a comic fan could ask for, and like many Marvel endeavors before it, it’s likely to convert the uninitiated.

The show is a slow burn, but in most cases, the time the format affords is used wisely to explore the layers of nuance and depth that its ensemble offers. An exceptional supporting cast contributes far more than expected for a story about a lone vigilante hero. Charlie Cox plays The Devil of Hell’s Kitchen with quiet, confident humor, under-laid with a shocking level of controlled intensity. (i.e. He’s a total badass.) Vincent D’Onofrio plays the Kingpin of Crime so disturbingly empathetic, that it’s easy to get lost in the show’s moral shades of grey. (…until he drops his composure to violently murder with his bare hands.)

The show strikes a perfect chord between light and dark. It honors its source material in a way that is becoming all to familiar to Marvel Cinematic Universe aficionados (though this show flies miles higher than any of their prior television attempts). With beautiful cinematography, intense action, expertly realized character, and a meaningful analysis of the source material, DAREDEVIL (Season One) ranks among Marvel Studios’ greatest triumphs yet.


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Daredevil (Season 1)
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