You probably already know if you’re going to like DJANGO UNCHAINED. If you can stomach, and in fact relish in Quentin Tarantino’s propensity for over-the-top bloodbaths, you are going to find even more reason to relish it here than ever before. These targets get what they have coming to them, and unlike the INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS, Django and Dr. Schultz are heroes I didn’t feel icky about rooting for.

Speaking of which: Jamie Foxx, and especially Christoph Waltz, turned in phenomenal performances. Waltz’s character is hysterical and Foxx has set a new personal record for bad-assery. Leo Dicaprio and Sam Jackson are also fun to hate, depressingly realistic, villains. Aside from the divisive nature of Tarantino’s style, the only area that I felt the film fell short was a poorly paced third act. While I appreciate the dialogue heavy Tarantino build ups, the film reaches a natural climax, then takes an abrupt segue that dampens the impact of the story’s eventual conclusion.

I heartily recommend DJANGO UNCHAINED for anyone who can appreciate Tarantino’s style, or would appreciate a cathartic depiction of racist jerks getting their comeuppance. For those who missed LINCOLN, I suggest a slavery trumping double feature. DJANGO makes for a great prequel.

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