ENDER’S GAME – Ender May Have to Settle for a Participation Award

ENDER’S GAME, I am happy to say, isn’t as mediocre as its schmaltzy, action packed trailers have suggested. In fact, it’s a pretty solid film, though it suffers the pacing issues of many novels-to-film. At its heart, it’s a meaningful story of a boy trying to to live up to his potential, but the film has less time than I’d like to explore what’s going on in Ender’s head.

The best thing I can say for the film is they made some inspired choices in the actors they picked, most noteworthy being Harrison Ford as Ender’s war weary commander. The universe on display here is also pretty spectacular, though perhaps the cinematography doesn’t quite do it the justice it could. The art design, though beautiful, also suffers a bit from that overly false world feeling that comes when too few practical effects are there to balance the CG.

Overall, ENDER’S GAME is a good, if imperfect adaptation of a great science fiction novel. Genre fans will find a lot to like here, and I feel like young teens will relate to, and learn from Ender’s struggle to deal with the adult responsibilities that are thrust upon him.


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