GODZILLA (2014) – “Meh” on an Epic Scale

GODZILLA (the newest movie by this name) suffers from a bit of an identity crisis. It takes great strides to be a more faithful modern American interpretation of the original movie series than the abysmal 1998 film of the same name. But like many modern adaptations of dated properties, something is lost in the translation.

The film is technically put together quite nicely, with solid vfx, cinematography, sound design, and even a few good performances (though the best departs far too soon). All these things line up with what you’d expect from a modern blockbuster. But this GODZILLA is based in age old tropes, with cliche characters (the overly reverent scientist, the general who just HAS to nuke everything… because “duty”). The film gets so lost in the slow pace of a 50’s monster movie, and trying to validate that formula that it quite often forgets to really play up the fun. Say what you will about last year’s cheesy monster romp PACIFIC RIM, but that movie knew exactly what it was and who it was made for, and it relished in it!

GODZILLA is a decent summer romp. There are definitely worse ways to down a tub of popcorn, but after the thrillingly haunting and powerful teaser trailer, the actual film was a bit of a letdown.


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Godzilla (2014)
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