GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY – A Weird, Wild, Trip Into the Stars

GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY is one of the most entertaining movies I’ve ever seen. In fact, I think THE AVENGERS is maybe the only movie in recent memory that rivals it for sheer “fun factor.” There are certainly higher quality, more intelligently plotted, and better paced adventure movies out there. (Heck, WINTER SOLDIER was pretty silly and it was still a “smarter” film.) But nothing this summer will beat the bang for your popcorn-chomping movie buck than GUARDIANS.

Silly plot and pulp stylings may be a “low” goal, but the film hits them with uncanny class and flair. The pacing is the only element that occasionally betrays its goal. The film could have used a few more punctuated periods of silence to build dramatic tension during its more serious moments. It’s unfortunate, because the rest of the time, the brisk and economical storytelling is a strength. The film admirably bounces between hilarious banter and exhilarating action beats, all while developing and making you LOVE each of its five protagonists.

GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY a wonder of pulpy fun and one of Marvel Studios best films to date. Go see it… but only if you like fun.

3D Recommendation: Despite some occasionally wonky character builds, GUARDIANS’ stereo is far more often beneficial to its wondrous worlds than it ever is distracting. Highly recommended.

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Guardians of the Galaxy
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