LOOPER – Time Travel as a Fantastic Self Betterment Plan

In a year of epic and exciting movies, LOOPER stands out as one of, if not the best, time travel films ever concocted. This isn’t because its world blows your mind with twists and turns or its disturbingly realistic vision of the future. It doesn’t. In some ways it’s very predictable, and it means to be.

That’s because the film isn’t really about time travel, it’s about the difference between selfishness and love. It’s about how love can make you selfish. It’s about what true selflessness really is, and how difficult taking a long hard look at oneself can be.

Basically, the most important thing an artist could ever talk about.

The performances are phenomenal. The writing and directing is masterful and I’m pretty sure this film will ensure that studios are going to be lining up to give Rian Johnson a blank check for whatever he can come up with next.

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