MUPPETS MOST WANTED – After Their Triumphant Return, Our Favorite Felt Friends Run a Victory Lap

[Pictured: Kermit directs the Gulag’s annual Please-Don’t-Riot Talent Show]

If you’re a muppet fan (or even just a muppety man) and you haven’t seen MUPPETS MOST WANTED, you should go, post haste to the theater to support it. While I blame Disney for not releasing this in a more nostalgic season (like its successful predecessor), the movie isn’t doing so well in the box office, and it’s a shame, because it’s one of the best muppet movies so far!

The story is devised in a way that each muppet gets a moment to shine in just the right way, at just the right time. For a comedy series based on madcap parody of storytelling tropes it’s the most well constructed script for a Muppet film yet! Bret McKenzie (from Flight of the Concords) also returns to deliver an even more clever and funny set of songs than the last muppet film (which he won an Oscar for). Tina Fey is delightfully silly as Nadya, who is pleased as punch to be Kermit’s captor at the Russian gulag. I even found Rickey Gervais and Ty Burrel amusing (and I’m not usually a fan).

None of us want to see the Muppets disappear into obscurity again after their triumphant return. Buy a ticket and reward them for keeping the cameras rolling for this fantastic sequel!

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Muppets Most Wanted
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