SPY – Proficiency is More Than Skin Deep

I’m pretty sure there is a 1:1 correlation between the people who love Melissa McCarthy and people who will really enjoy SPY. It’s pretty much a vehicle designed to cram all the Melissa McCarthy they can into a film, in all her different iterations. Do you like seeing her insecure and timid side? She’ll warm you up with that. Do you like seeing her viciously tear into some fools with a string of expletives that would reduce Kanye West to tears? Yup. She does that too. She’ll even go a step further to become a bona fide action star!

SPY is nothing if not self-aware, and that’s always a good quality in a film. In no way does it pretend to emulate any kind of high art. Its parody of the genre is as base as they come, and the story beats seem to get in the way of the laughs more often than support them. But the laughs do come. Two standouts in the film: Jason Statham, who manages to portray the most (hilariously) extreme version of himself he has yet played, and mice. Also prominently featured: the dignity of imperfect women everywhere. The film’s heart is definitely in the right place.

SPY doesn’t demand to be seen on the silver screen, but there are a heck of a lot of worse ways to spend a couple hours than watching the lovable McCarthy’s star rise.

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