STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS – Less Than the Sum of its Parts

STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS was an entertaining summer romp, but lacked the depth or weight necessary to leave any lasting impression. The plot always seems to be a few steps removed from any true galactic threat, and instead focuses on more personal ones… which are then undermined by amusing but ill-timed jokes. All the ingredients for a stellar film are here, they just didn’t bake together that well.

I’ve never been a trekkie, but now being married to one, and having discussed the merits of that world, it’s disappointing how much J.J. continuing reboot squanders it. I’d be concerned for the welfare of STAR WARS if George hadn’t already tarnished it himself. Oh well…

3D Recommendation: SKIP IT. It’s poorly done and more often distracting than cool.

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Star Trek Into Darkness
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