Toothless and Hiccup in How to Train Your Dragon 2 review 

HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON 2 – Or, “What To Do With Your Dragon Once it’s Trained”

HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON 2 is a successful sequel on almost every level. The journey of the lovable characters from the first movie are continued and explored in meaningful ways, stretching naturally into the challenges of young adulthood. The high flying action is taken to new levels of excitement, and the stakes are higher this time around as there is more for the characters to lose. Impressive new characters are introduced into the fold, and the female gaze is aptly used to hilarious effect. The most important improvement though…

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Ralph+gives+Vanellope+some+pre-race+advice review 

WRECK-IT-RALPH – The Closest We’re Gonna Come to a MARIO KART Movie

WRECK-IT RALPH is a great little movie. Its ending is as obviously ham-handed as its protagonist, but that’s standard Disney fare. The good news is that the remainder of the film is an amusing and enjoyable homage to video games. The animation pops and the actors give a lot of personality to their 8-bit counterparts. It looks like Disney’s got a hit on its hands and I’m looking forward to not only the inevitable sequel but also seeing Ralph at Disneyland for years to come. Share List

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Frankenweenie's+cute+claymation+in+signature+Burton+style review 

FRANKENWEENIE – Dead on Arrival

FRANKENWEENIE starts off strong, and then dies halfway through the picture, never to be resurrected. Once again, Tim Burton proves he is all style. No substance. Which is really too bad, because the man certainly has style. What’s most upsetting is that the movie seemed primed to be deliver a meaningful message about the inevitability of death and the importance of letting go. Then suddenly it decides to forget all that, flash a bunch of unrelated nonsense in the audience’s face, and then end on the exact opposite conclusion… which…

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Norman+and+Alvin+get+freaked,+played+by+Kodi+Smit-McPhee+and+Christopher+Mintz-Plasse review 

PARANORMAN – Horror With Heart

Don’t be turned off by it’s weak trailer. ParaNorman was phenomenal. Beautifully filmed (with fantastic use of 3D), funny, heartfelt, with a meaningful message. My only gripe was the slightly wonky pacing of the third act. Glad to see stop motion being kept alive in such fantastic fashion! Share List

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