Ricky Baker is ready in Hunt For The Wilderpeople featured review 


Hunt For the Wilderpeople¬†is among the best movies that 2016 has to offer. It has heart and humor blended with a tonal balance that many directors can only dream of – often managing to be cartoonishly silly and deeply serious in the same breath. It also may star one of the most lovable odd couples ever committed to film – Ricky Baker and Hector “Hec”¬†Faulkner. Julian Dennison is a revelation of charm as Ricky – foster child and gangsta aficionado. He boasts the same rough-around-the-edges earnestness that made the kids…

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Mei Ren Yu - The Mermaid - Police Sketch review 

MEI REN YU (THE MERMAID) – Better Than an All-You-Can-Eat Fish Fry

MEI REN YU (THE MERMAID) is one of the best Comedies I’ve seen in a while and is a serious contender for my top films of 2016. Chinese comedy director Steven Chow (Shaolin SoccerKung Fu Hustle) is rare breed of artist who actually directs comedically. His use of the frame, of motion, and in perfectly landing beats in the edit are flawless to a degree of mastery that is rivaled only by Edgar Wright and Wes Anderson. But nobody does slapstick like Chow.

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