George Clooney in Hail Caesar review 

HAIL, CAESAR! – “Divine Presence to Be Shot”

Why the hell would any sane person work in the film industry? This is the core question in HAIL, CAESAR!, a the day-in-the-life examination of the combination tenacity, talent, and madness it takes to be a successful Producer. It’s 1951. The Golden Era of film is coming to an end. The period showcases everything grand and absurd about the film business, and it’s in the balance of grandness and absurdity that the Coen brothers shine. Like much of their best work, the film is brilliantly precise and laugh-out-loud funny, with a nihilistic bite to the humor that makes you wish it didn’t feel so true. 

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Sandra Bullock in Gravity review 

GRAVITY – A Visceral Survival Thriller Without Peer

You need to see GRAVITY. You need to see it in a theater (preferably IMAX). You need to see it in 3D. It matters little who you are, or what you are looking for in a film, GRAVITY will blow you away. It passes beauty to the point of being awe-inspiring. It passes suspense to the point of being a religious experience. It also may be the best performance of Sandra Bullock’s career. The film has flaws, but to bring them up in a mini-review would be to nitpick. When…

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