alex looking through her window in the charnel house trilogy review 

THE CHARNEL HOUSE TRILOGY – A decent short story in game format

Fans of horror and gothic horror may have already heard of THE CHARNEL HOUSE TRILOGY. Set in a format typical of 90’s point-and-click adventures, it has a relaxed feel that encourages you to casually explore your surroundings, unravel the story and learn about the protagonist you play as. You start the game as Alex, a gothy 20-something girl living in New York who’s preparing to get out of the city for the weekend. Madeleine Roux (author of¬†Asylum) makes her voice acting debut here, adding charmingly sarcastic witticisms as you click…

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STRANGER THINGS (Season 1) – Turning the 80’s up to ELEVEN

If you read no further in this review, please take away this. You need to watch Stranger Things, and you need to watch it now. Go home now and binge the eight-episode¬†Netflix original. Not because the story does anything new. It doesn’t. If you’ve seen, Jaws, E.T., The Goonies, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Poltergeist, Scanners, The Thing, Alien, The Twilight Zone, or The X-Files, you’re going to recognize some of the moments, concepts, tropes, themes, and iconography that made those properties so famous. The reason you need to see…

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lisa+the+painful+rpg+art review 

LISA: THE PAINFUL – When life gives you lemons, everything is pointless and God doesn’t care

LISA: THE PAINFUL, an indie RPG, is loosely based on the novel Children of Men, so if you’re at all familiar with the book or the Clive Owen movie of the same name, you have a little taste of what you’re in for. It’s worth noting that Lisa has a predecessor, Lisa: The First, and a sequel, Lisa: The Joyful. I have not played The First, but didn’t find it at all necessary to enjoy The Painful. I got about 30% through The Joyful before calling it quits. It was a pale shadow in comparison to The Painful, which will be the subject of this review.

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a+standoff+in+the+green+room+with+anton+yelchin+and+imogen+poots review 

GREEN ROOM – “It’s not a conspiracy. It’s a clusterfuck.”

You had me at “Patrick Stewart: White Supremacist.” Green Room is an unconventional horror film, which succeeds by making believable and uncompromising decisions about how it plays out. To avoid spoilers, I’ll stick with the official log-line: “After witnessing a murder, a punk rock band is forced into a vicious fight for survival against a group of maniacal skinheads.” 

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Logan Marshall-Gree as Will in The Invitation review 

THE INVITATION – Killer Party, Man

Have you ever tried to socialize while you were severely depressed? Have you ever been to a social event hosted by an ex and been forced to meet her awkward new friends? Have you ever thought you had been invited to a party as a pawn in a nefarious plan? If you’ve never had the pleasure of experiencing all these at the same time, let The Invitation be your guide! 

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The Witch - Anya Taylor-Joy review 

THE WITCH – This Film Weighs the Same as a Duck

In an interview with Birth.Movies.Death,* Writer/Director Robert Eggers described what was special about his runaway Sundance hit, THE In an interview with Birth.Movies.Death,* Writer/Director Robert Eggers described what was special about his runaway Sundance hit, THE VVITCH, “I was trying to do my best interpretation of what I thought a lay family from 1630 in New England might have experienced if their beliefs were real.” THE VVITCH is psychological horror for a patient and discerning audience. It doesn’t rely (exclusively, at least) on musical queues, jump scares, and boogeymen to ensure a feeling of persistent dread. It expects its audience to come hither, rather than appealing to what demographics say you’re already into.

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Norman+and+Alvin+get+freaked,+played+by+Kodi+Smit-McPhee+and+Christopher+Mintz-Plasse review 

PARANORMAN – Horror With Heart

Don’t be turned off by it’s weak trailer. ParaNorman was phenomenal. Beautifully filmed (with fantastic use of 3D), funny, heartfelt, with a meaningful message. My only gripe was the slightly wonky pacing of the third act. Glad to see stop motion being kept alive in such fantastic fashion! Share List

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