INDEPENDENCE DAY: RESURGENCE – “Get ready for a close encounter, bitch!”

Independence Day: Resurgence bears the distinction of being one of the dumbest films I’ve seen that still technically does everything right. There was never any need for a sequel to the eminently 90’s ID4, yet here we are with a film that somehow manages to be even bigger and more explody than dozens of city-wide spaceships annihilating all of the world’s major cities.

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Katniss in Hunger Games Catching Fire review 

THE HUNGER GAMES: CATCHING FIRE – Katniss’ Story Starts to Heat Up

I’m glad THE HUNGER GAMES is so popular. I’m glad for two reasons. The first is that Katniss is a well realized, strong, female protagonist, and we can’t really get enough of those right now. Hollywood needs to get over its chauvinist assumption that woman aren’t bankable heroes. The second reason, is that at its core, the series seems to be a sobering allegory for the extent of debauchery and entitlement that modern America seems headed towards. We can’t get enough of these right now either, as the First World…

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