Tina Fey in Whiskey Tango Foxtrot review 

WHISKEY TANGO FOXTROT – The Hottest Piece of Ass in the Middle East

Based on the autobiography of war correspondent Kim Barker, WHISKEY TANGO FOXTROT’s struggles are similar to those of every movie that’s “based on a true story.” It can’t quite find its theme and dramatic arc, because real life doesn’t have themes or dramatic arcs. In real life, stuff just happens, and we make sense of it as we go. It isn’t nearly as satisfying or succinct, but if WTF’s plot is merely a day-in-the-life, at least its subject is the constantly amusing and engaged Tina Fey as a fictionalized Kim “Baker.”

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Smaug greedily eyeing a Hobbit snack review 

THE HOBBIT: THE DESOLATION OF SMAUG – A Charming Adventure is Buried in Another Three Hours of Slog

However much you liked the first Hobbit film, you will probably like THE DESOLATION OF SMAUG a little bit more. If the first movie did it, the second does it more, and with a bit more payoff. Unfortunately, if the first movie did something poorly, it did more of that too. Among the film positive qualities: generally excellent acting, phenomenal cinematography, fun fight choreography, Smaug’s design and animation, and realizing that Legolas is basically the elven equivalent of a racist redneck jerk. Sadly as THE HOBBIT tries to out-epic LORD…

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The+dumbfounded+cast+of+World's+End review 

THE WORLD’S END – Throw a Few Back With The Master of Comedic Direction

Allow me to gush, for a moment, about my favorite director, the incredible Edgar Wright, because with THE WORLD’S END he has knocked it out of the park yet again. Each of Wright’s films are exceptional balance of humor, drama, and balls-to-the-wall-action, but what I appreciate most about him, is how he continually refines his style and challenges himself as an artist. THE WORLD’S END is not as riotous or as parodiferic (*TM) as SHAUN OF THE DEAD, HOT FUZZ, or SCOTT PILGRIM, but it does mark a dramatic shift…

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Thorin+Oakenshield+taking+over+the+whole+damn+movie review 


Pictured: the chief protagonist from THE HOBBIT: AN UNEXPECTED JOURNEY. Bilbo is featured, of course. He’s even introduced as the film’s narrator, but I was shocked by how little the story was told from his perspective. Rather the filmmakers opt for Gandalf or Thorin, the characters already versed in adventuring. This, unfortunately, strips the story of most of the book’s humor and sense of wonder (something far more present in the LOTR trilogy). Many bits of the book are re-written to completely change the nature of the adventure into something…

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