Kristoff and Ana's meet cute in Frozen review 

FROZEN – Disney Finally “Gets” Love

The best thing I can say about FROZEN is that Disney finally did it right. They created a modern fairy tale with meaningful, nuanced, and well-defined values that the plot never deviates from. The story has very clearly defined goals, and by the end, the lessons learned are also earned. (This differentiates the film from its recent peer, BRAVE, which had its heart in the right place, but did not earn its conclusion.) FROZEN’s greatest weakness (or rather, challenge) is that it starts a bit slow. The conflicts are personal,…

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Spider-Man+Turn+Off+the+Dark+-+Weird,+wild+acrobatics review 


SPIDER MAN: TURN OFF THE DARK is about as amusing and as awkward as this image and the play’s name suggest. Bono’s songs range from passably forgettable to godawful. The sets and imagery are striking, but they try so hard to be “comic-booky” that they often overdo it in all the wrong ways (similar to Ang-Lee’s HULK). It may have been partially affected by the performances, but the script felt to me like a watered down Kool Aid version of everything I love about the character. Only J Jonah and…

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