Charlie Cox in Netflix's Daredevil review 

DAREDEVIL (SEASON 1) – The Marvel Cinematic Universe Grows Up

DAREDEVIL pulls no punches, and with the freedom to ignore MPAA ratings and cable network restrictions he doesn’t need to. Marvel and Netflix’s binge-tastic 13 hour introduction to Matt Murdock’s battle for Hell’s Kitchen is everything a comic fan could ask for, and like many Marvel endeavors before it, it’s likely to convert the uninitiated. The show is a slow burn, but in most cases, the time the format affords is used wisely to explore the layers of nuance and depth that its ensemble offers. An exceptional supporting cast contributes…

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Guardians of the Galaxy group review 

GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY – A Weird, Wild, Trip Into the Stars

GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY is one of the most entertaining movies I’ve ever seen. In fact, I think THE AVENGERS is maybe the only movie in recent memory that rivals it for sheer “fun factor.” There are certainly higher quality, more intelligently plotted, and better paced adventure movies out there. (Heck, WINTER SOLDIER was pretty silly and it was still a “smarter” film.) But nothing this summer will beat the bang for your popcorn-chomping movie buck than GUARDIANS. Silly plot and pulp stylings may be a “low” goal, but the…

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The Winter Soldier hijacks Cap's Shield review 

CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER – Marvel’s Golden Boy Starts Seeing Shades of Grey

Marvel has upped their game again with CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER, and while it never quite reaches giddy fan service highs of THE AVENGERS, it firmly stands above their other films to date in its breadth of accomplishments. Familiarity with these characters certainly helps them keep the plot tighter, but I think Marvel is just getting better and better with each try at figuring out what makes an adventure blockbuster totally kick ass! While Cap’s learned some killer new moves, and The Falcon flies in with some exhilarating aerial…

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Batman in the Lego Movie review 

THE LEGO MOVIE – A Hilarious, Life Affirming Advertisement

EVERYTHING IS AWESOME about THE LEGO MOVIE! No. Seriously. It works on multiple levels, and shockingly could even be compared favorably to a Pixar movie, though its goals are clearly a bit different. One of these is obviously product placement, which the movie does better than any commercial I’ve ever seen. It uses a toy to examine the human condition¬†and asks us to be more free thinking, more creative, more cooperative, more humble, and yes… more well-balanced versions of ourselves by considering what the toy offers us. The concept is…

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Sandra Bullock in Gravity review 

GRAVITY – A Visceral Survival Thriller Without Peer

You need to see GRAVITY. You need to see it in a theater (preferably IMAX). You need to see it in 3D. It matters little who you are, or what you are looking for in a film, GRAVITY will blow you away. It passes beauty to the point of being awe-inspiring. It passes suspense to the point of being a religious experience. It also may be the best performance of Sandra Bullock’s career. The film has flaws, but to bring them up in a mini-review would be to nitpick. When…

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Django Unchained review 


You probably already know if you’re going to like DJANGO UNCHAINED. If you can stomach, and in fact relish in Quentin Tarantino’s propensity for over-the-top bloodbaths, you are going to find even more reason to relish it here than ever before. These targets get what they have coming to them, and unlike the INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS, Django and Dr. Schultz are heroes I didn’t feel icky about rooting for. Speaking of which: Jamie Foxx, and especially Christoph Waltz, turned in phenomenal performances. Waltz’s character is hysterical and Foxx has set a…

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Tiger+roars+in+the+boat+in+Life+of+Pi review 

LIFE OF PI – Visual Splendor and The Nature of Truth Understanding

LIFE OF PI will definitely be in the running for the best picture Oscar. It’s not a perfect film, but its theme is significant enough that I think everyone needs to see it. It discusses the nature and significance of religion, and more broadly faith, and even more broadly the effect that stories have on our perception of our lives. The story doesn’t offer up concrete answers, but it asks all the right questions. The CG creatures aren’t always flawlessly realistic, but they don’t need to be. They have all…

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Lawrence+and+Sherif+Ali+marvel+at+the+majesty+of+the+desert review 

LAWRENCE OF ARABIA – A Revitalized Masterpiece

Saw the digital restoration of LAWRENCE OF ARABIA in the theater today. Besides appearing as if it were filmed yesterday, the film made a much bigger impact on me than it did when I saw it at age 20. I think as an adult, I much more fully appreciate the concept of how one man’s passion can both change everything and change nothing at the same time. Share List

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Looper we could sit here making diagrams with straws all day review 

LOOPER – Time Travel as a Fantastic Self Betterment Plan

In a year of epic and exciting movies, LOOPER stands out as one of, if not the best, time travel films ever concocted. This isn’t because its world blows your mind with twists and turns or its disturbingly realistic vision of the future. It doesn’t. In some ways it’s very predictable, and it means to be. That’s because the film isn’t really about time travel, it’s about the difference between selfishness and love. It’s about how love can make you selfish. It’s about what true selflessness really is, and how…

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