STRANGER THINGS (Season 1) – Turning the 80’s up to ELEVEN

If you read no further in this review, please take away this. You need to watch Stranger Things, and you need to watch it now. Go home now and binge the eight-episode┬áNetflix original. Not because the story does anything new. It doesn’t. If you’ve seen, Jaws, E.T., The Goonies, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Poltergeist, Scanners, The Thing, Alien, The Twilight Zone, or The X-Files, you’re going to recognize some of the moments, concepts, tropes, themes, and iconography that made those properties so famous. The reason you need to see…

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Charlie Cox as Daredevil and Jon Bernthal as The Punisher review 

DAREDEVIL (Season 2) – Punishingly Entertaining

In Season 2 of the standout Netflix/Marvel superhero drama, Daredevil, both the show and its titular hero begin to get comfortable with themselves, for better and for worse. Matt Murdock is tougher, more cocky, and is noticeably beginning to actually enjoy his violent escapades. Gone is the doubt and self reflection that plagued him in Season 1, which simultaneously makes him a more powerful hero and an insufferable know-it-all. What he’s gained in street cred, he’s lost in his ability to connect to others. Matt’s misguided descent in the world of his alter-ego is a crucial and purposeful part of his arc this season, but what’s interesting is that these same qualities extend to the show as a whole.

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Charlie Cox in Netflix's Daredevil review 

DAREDEVIL (SEASON 1) – The Marvel Cinematic Universe Grows Up

DAREDEVIL pulls no punches, and with the freedom to ignore MPAA ratings and cable network restrictions he doesn’t need to. Marvel and Netflix’s binge-tastic 13 hour introduction to Matt Murdock’s battle for Hell’s Kitchen is everything a comic fan could ask for, and like many Marvel endeavors before it, it’s likely to convert the uninitiated. The show is a slow burn, but in most cases, the time the format affords is used wisely to explore the layers of nuance and depth that its ensemble offers. An exceptional supporting cast contributes…

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