russell+crowe+and+ryan+gosling+in+the+nice+guys review 

THE NICE GUYS – Losers Worth Rooting For

If you know who Shane Black is, you likely already know if you’re going to like The Nice Guys. For all the rest of you – As the creator of the Lethal Weapon series, Shane Black is basically the father of the modern buddy cop genre. (He’s also the first dude on screen to ever get offed by a Predator.) Almost two decades later, he reinvented his own take on “Two Wacky Dudes Solving Crimes” with his directorial debut, the wildly deconstructive, and constantly unpredictable, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, This film bears the distinction of simultaneously being the last thing Val Kilmer was in that anybody cared about, and the device that rebooted Robert Downey Jr.’s career post-drug abuse scandal. RDJ returned the favor by bringing Black in as the writer and director of Iron Man 3. Black returned that favor by giving Marvel its 3rd best selling, and by far most unpredictable film. 

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Superman+gets+escorted+to+interrogation+by+soldiers review 

MAN OF STEEL – Super Gets Angsty

If it’s bang you’re looking for, you’d be hard pressed to earn more bang for your summer movie buck than MAN OF STEEL will provide. The movie hits the ground with intensity and barely lets up over its runtime. It’s simultaneously exhilarating and tiring and represents the movie’s greatest strength and weakness all in one. Every shot is perfectly framed within its shaky-cam-heavy-grain-color-desaturation. Every line of of dialogue is spoken as the most important line in the movie. Every note of the soundtrack is the most inspiring note you’ve ever…

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