Guardians of the Galaxy group review 

GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY – A Weird, Wild, Trip Into the Stars

GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY is one of the most entertaining movies I’ve ever seen. In fact, I think THE AVENGERS is maybe the only movie in recent memory that rivals it for sheer “fun factor.” There are certainly higher quality, more intelligently plotted, and better paced adventure movies out there. (Heck, WINTER SOLDIER was pretty silly and it was still a “smarter” film.) But nothing this summer will beat the bang for your popcorn-chomping movie buck than GUARDIANS. Silly plot and pulp stylings may be a “low” goal, but the…

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Emily Blunt in Edge of Tomorrow review 

EDGE OF TOMORROW – Once More, With Feeling

EDGE OF TOMORROW, you had me at “GROUNDHOG DAY during an alien invasion”. But the most surprising thing about you is that you come so close to the greatness of that Bill Murray classic. The film reuses the concept of a never-ending day in novel ways. Making the most of the genre leap, it results in not only some harrowing sci-fi action, but also fantastic character development. Try as I might to dislike Tom Cruise for starring in seemingly every other action movie, he’s used extremely well in the film.…

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James McAvoy and Patrick Stewart as Professor X in Days of Future Past review 

X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST – The World’s First Rebootseprequel is the Best of All Those Things

Let’s get one thing out of the way: X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST is the finest film of the franchise yet. It focuses on only the absolute best things that the X-films have offered over the past 14 years, and does so with intelligent balance, poise, and a budget that’s FINALLY worthy of a superhero franchise. (Thanks for finally coming around on that, Fox.) Aside from how effortlessly its massive scope is handled, the most impressive thing about the film is how human its story is. Yes. The fate of…

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The Amazing Spider-Man 2 - holding a police car review 

THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 – The Folly of Trying to be All Things to All People

Pictured: THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, heroically holding the weight of his sequel’s issues. Chief among these is a plot that doesn’t quite know where it wants to focus, resulting in a movie that feels a bit too long, and simultaneously too short. Similarly the tone and quality of dialogue oscillates wildly from scene to scene, from schlocky to charming. The film does a lot of things right, however. Visually it is hands down the most stunning realization of swinging through New York yet filmed. (Yes. You should see this in theaters.…

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Ender+and+Colonel+Graff+checking+out+the+game+room review 

ENDER’S GAME – Ender May Have to Settle for a Participation Award

ENDER’S GAME, I am happy to say, isn’t as mediocre as its schmaltzy, action packed trailers have suggested. In fact, it’s a pretty solid film, though it suffers the pacing issues of many novels-to-film. At its heart, it’s a meaningful story of a boy trying to to live up to his potential, but the film has less time than I’d like to explore what’s going on in Ender’s head. The best thing I can say for the film is they made some inspired choices in the actors they picked, most…

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The+dumbfounded+cast+of+World's+End review 

THE WORLD’S END – Throw a Few Back With The Master of Comedic Direction

Allow me to gush, for a moment, about my favorite director, the incredible Edgar Wright, because with THE WORLD’S END he has knocked it out of the park yet again. Each of Wright’s films are exceptional balance of humor, drama, and balls-to-the-wall-action, but what I appreciate most about him, is how he continually refines his style and challenges himself as an artist. THE WORLD’S END is not as riotous or as parodiferic (*TM) as SHAUN OF THE DEAD, HOT FUZZ, or SCOTT PILGRIM, but it does mark a dramatic shift…

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A+Pacific+Rim+Jaeger+pulls+back+for+a+punch review 

PACIFIC RIM – “Elbow Rocket Engaged”

Pacific Rim is Hella Stupid Fun! It would be easy to nitpick the film to death, to dock it for the cliches, the silly characters, and their even sillier deliveries… but when it all comes right down to it the movie is just massively entertaining. Guillermo Del Toro has crafted the ultimate Saturday morning cartoon. Robots and Monsters beat the ever loving crap out of each other, and they do it in style. If this sounds amusing to you, you owe it to yourself to check the film out… in…

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Spock+and+Captain+Kirk+and+parlay+with+an+underwhelming+Khan review 

STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS – Less Than the Sum of its Parts

STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS was an entertaining summer romp, but lacked the depth or weight necessary to leave any lasting impression. The plot always seems to be a few steps removed from any true galactic threat, and instead focuses on more personal ones… which are then undermined by amusing but ill-timed jokes. All the ingredients for a stellar film are here, they just didn’t bake together that well. I’ve never been a trekkie, but now being married to one, and having discussed the merits of that world, it’s disappointing how…

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Looper we could sit here making diagrams with straws all day review 

LOOPER – Time Travel as a Fantastic Self Betterment Plan

In a year of epic and exciting movies, LOOPER stands out as one of, if not the best, time travel films ever concocted. This isn’t because its world blows your mind with twists and turns or its disturbingly realistic vision of the future. It doesn’t. In some ways it’s very predictable, and it means to be. That’s because the film isn’t really about time travel, it’s about the difference between selfishness and love. It’s about how love can make you selfish. It’s about what true selflessness really is, and how…

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