THE LEGO MOVIE – A Hilarious, Life Affirming Advertisement

EVERYTHING IS AWESOME about THE LEGO MOVIE! No. Seriously. It works on multiple levels, and shockingly could even be compared favorably to a Pixar movie, though its goals are clearly a bit different. One of these is obviously product placement, which the movie does better than any commercial I’ve ever seen. It uses a toy to examine the human condition and asks us to be more free thinking, more creative, more cooperative, more humble, and yes… more well-balanced versions of ourselves by considering what the toy offers us.

The concept is laughable (and it plays as such in the film), but it works and works well. The jokes are regular and well executed by a stellar voice cast, catering to fans of Edgar Wright (action so awesome it’s funny), The Muppets (self-deprecating, plot structure referencing), and South Park (silly animation and pointed social satire). That “silly” animation is simultaneously phenomenal, by the way. Not only do the characters emote well without abandoning their inherent limitations, the characters are fully realized, down to the seams from their molds.

As an adult, I will still occasionally have dreams about going to the store to buy a LEGO set and then playing till I wake up. This movie may have convinced me to actually live that dream. Or I could just go see the movie again… it’d probably be cheaper. (Those things are so damn expensive!)

3D Recommendation: THE LEGO MOVIE moves at a manic pace, but its well-blended depth makes the world shine all the brighter without ever being disorienting. Can you guess which scenes my talented friends at LEGEND 3D helped bring to life?

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