X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST – The World’s First Rebootseprequel is the Best of All Those Things

Let’s get one thing out of the way: X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST is the finest film of the franchise yet. It focuses on only the absolute best things that the X-films have offered over the past 14 years, and does so with intelligent balance, poise, and a budget that’s FINALLY worthy of a superhero franchise. (Thanks for finally coming around on that, Fox.)

Aside from how effortlessly its massive scope is handled, the most impressive thing about the film is how human its story is. Yes. The fate of the world is at stake. Why? Because of the attitudes of three people. And the film takes the time to earnestly develop young Xavier’s hopelessness, Erik’s controlled rage, and Raven’s desperation to change the world in any way for the better. Its exploration of motivation and consequence is both meaningful and touching, and the stakes feel truly desperate.

The only real disappointment is in the action front. Not that there isn’t phenomenal action. Quicksilver steals the show in one of the most hilarious and exhilarating action sequences in ANY superhero film yet. But this isn’t Quicksilver’s movie, or Blink’s, or Iceman’s. The principle characters, Xavier, Wolverine, and Beast in particular, do very little ass kicking, and in fact seem regularly powerless against any and all obstacles in their path. (I mean, c’mon! At least let them get in a few hits! I wanna see Wolverine tear apart a Sentinel!!!!)

That one issue aside, DAYS OF FUTURE PAST stands with the best the superhero genre has to offer, and goes miles to redeem the franchise’s missteps in the past. Fans should proceed post-haste and are guaranteed to enjoy it immensely!

3D Recommendation: The movie was filmed in 3D, resulting as usual in a relatively clean but sometimes problematic image which often doesn’t always blend as well as a conversion. Not perfect, but still seldom jarring. Recommended.

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